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alrighty... i will try keep this as cheap as i can get..


1st Package:


I stumbled on this package thats under $100

It includes EVERYTHING!


2nd Package:



$134.85 - Good quality on a budget

See what you think of them.. :):voiceover:

Studiio - All-In-One Radio Communication Platform
SMS | Phone Calls | Social Media | Content

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Well after some playing with Audition 3 and Mixcraft, I've decided to try to jump into the Voice Over and Production side. So the question is whats the best way to go with setting up a starter Studio.
Hi AndrasTolaria,

Welcome to the world of production! I know that it is really hard to pick equipment and having no idea how it is going to sound. I started doing VO with a USB microphone and the cheapest audio software I could find. Since then I have moved to an M-Audio Fast Track Pro for my interface and a Rode NT-1A Microphone. For my DAW I use Peak LE 6 from Bias-INC. Yep that is correct I do not have a multitrack, but rather I layer audio. I also use some inexpensive VST plugins, the ANWIDA Equo Pack. You'll have to do some research and see what will fit your budget. Hope this helps..


Kindest Regards,



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