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Dry VO qualification


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Ok, I'm a bit confused, are we supposed to post a voice sample for approval here? Did I miss something? Or did you want this produced? (unfortunately I'm not good enough at producing to help)


you'll have a better sound if stand a bit further away from the microphone and use a pop filter.

Did you use some processing? It sounds a bit like you've limited or compressed the voice which makes the noise louder. Your noise level is too high (ideally, it should be below -40db)

If you haven't, then your levels are probably too high. If you did process the voice, then it's possible that your levels were too low at the start.

If you aim to record your voice with a medium of -9db and no pick in the red (above -3db), then your noise level will hopefully be better.


Sorry, I realise that it may not be what you were asking for and that others may be more qualified than me to help you get a better sound, but I thought I'd try to help as I'm sure you can get a much better sound with your equipment! :-)


So, how to we add smilies on this new forum?

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