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Pop shields...

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I rarely use pop shields either because with the tools that are available now, you can deal with those kinds of problems with Pro Tools and I think people sing better into a microphone without the distraction of the pop shield.


Convert sing, into recording or broadcasting and you have yourself a valid argument suitable for BW :D


Do they really distract you? I see alot of people really leaning into them and they sound brilliant! :flex:

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I always use a foam shield around the mic. In fact I have two- one thin one, completely surrounded by a larger type. I hardly ever use the flat thin shield type, except when I have to shout when doing some work. They ARE a complete distraction those things- but helpful sometimes I must admit!

I always do work at almost right angles to the mic. that is the way I learnt to use a mic. and it does reduce and/or eliminate lots of pops and clicks.

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When I do VO's which is rare these days I use a pop shield . Don't find it a distraction......just find my voice the distraction. LOL


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I'm a friend of Brian Gunn, who make the "Popless" brand pop filters. He once told me about all the strange looks he got at fabric shops as he went around popping and blowing into every type of material on display while researching product components.

I can picture a salesperson observing a man wandering around a showroom going "puh-puh-puh-puh!" into random bolts of cloth, etc.


If you want to hear his take on going popless, visit:

http://www.popfilter.com/photos/adjust-comparison.jpg http://www.popfilter.com

Let him know I referred you.

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